»Quick simulation helps with business planning«, Report on application and uses in medium-sized business and in large concerns
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BASF Group CFS 2009 Q1
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Concept of a Segment-Supported Group Management
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We are a young, innovative software house which specializes in helping companies in their financial budgetary and balance sheet planning. ASRAP sets the trend in managerial simulation and scenario techniques. Its software meets all the requirements of modern, financially-oriented management control, from strategic controlling up to and including value management. The software is distinguished by a design centered on the user, by high flexibility and by short introduction times.
Corporate Management using ASRAP XSP and Web5

This software system is based on the Segment Reporting specified by IAS 14 (as of January 1, 2009: IFRS 8 Operating Segments). It provides future-oriented finance information on individual segments within a business group, consistent with the company's management system. This information can then be assembled into forecasts of the consolidated financial statements of the group. more ...
The new web application ASRAP Web5 enables the shared planning of segments and business divisions by several users via one standard internet browser. At the same time, the plans and area scenarios can be centrally recorded, managed and consolidated variably in the group headquarters for the plan-balance sheet. The elaborate multi-user concept including management of rights thus rounds off ASRAP XSP into a completely new type of highly effective planning and corporate management system.
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Studies: Web-based group planning (documents for download)
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Import of planning figures from legacy systems
With the completion of Version 4.2 a module for the import of planning data is now also implemented. Planning specifications (inputs) can now be taken over from legacy systems in ASRAP via freely definable templates. Partial plans or segment planning specifications recorded decentralised can thus be incorporated directly into the overall planning.
Individual company reports and ratios
Corporate objective planning (goal seeking)
Reworking of multi-year plans
ASRAP 3D-graphics
The Bayer AG uses ASRAP for balance sheet and financial planning of the Bayer Group. more ...
"IAS 14/SFAS 131 - Basis for a Dynamic Segment-Supported Corporate Management" more ...
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